Bridge Street Working Group Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 18 May 2021 at 7.00pm

This meeting was held by video conference.


Working Group Members Present:

Dilys Britt, Liz Hillman, Jenny Clarke, Jane Kay, Amelia Stanham, and Shiela Hughes



Steve Harper, Peter Hewes, Lydia Hopton and Daniel Johnson


In Attendance:



Members of the Public



Public Questions




21/033 To receive apologies and accept valid reasons for absence, these having been submitted to the Clerk prior to the meeting.

Peter Hewes apologies were received and accepted.


21/034 To receive Declarations of Interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011



21/035 To approve the meeting notes of 27 April 2021 


21/036 Update on fundraising 

a. Saxilby History Trail walk and quiz 

  • Quiz has been amended. 
  • Lydia Hopton has sourced collection boxes and pen holders and will give them to Jane in due course.  Once Jane has these, she will compile window notice and labels for the collection boxes.
  • It was agreed that the following establishments will be approached to promote/sell the above:
    • The Sun - Jane Kay has spoken to and gained permission
    • Waters Edge - Jenny Clarke to speak to.
    • Jenny Clake has kindly agreed to promote/sell the above within her own business.
    • Duck Egg Blue gift shop – Jane Kay to speak to.
    • Scrummies  - Jane Kay to speak to
    • M. R. Pooles - Amelia Stanham to speak to.
  • To promote the trail/quizzes it was agreed that Jane Kay would contact Saxilby primary school (Parentmail) and Sunflowers and Jenny Clarke would contact Claire at Fleurs to ask for promotion.  It was also agreed that we would use social media.
  • Liz Hillman knows a Nail Technician who will be happy to promote the above – Jane Kay to e-mail the quizzes to Liz Hillman.

b. Pop- up Plant Sale

It was agreed that this would be held on 5 June on Bridge Street Corner.  There are tables available to use.

c. Other 

Liz Hillman suggested a ‘Lets Snap’ photograph competition for people to take pictures of the conservation area.  An entry fee was discussed and if this were to go ahead it would be online and the group would seek to have a business(es) to donate the prize.


21/037 Update on

a. Feedback from CRT and other meetings

  • Feedback from CRT (Rob Braithwaite and Jane Stubbs) 
    • The willow tree was storm damaged; the minimum amount was taken off the top and it is beginning to sprout – we will review progress.
  • Meeting with local police and CRT to confirm land ownership and what can or cannot be done for example no bonfires.
  • Ranger post – a few people were interested prior to lockdown. Liz trying to move forward.
  • No progress presently in relation to ecologists putting something in the water to encourage wildlife breeding – Liz trying to move forward.
  • Painting of railings – agreed to try one part first and then the other railings.
  • Litter bin – WLDC – post mounted.  £50 for the bin and £100 for the post.  Permission from CRT required first (reluctant but agreed). WLDC to look at the site.
  • Benches in picnic area need risk assessing as rotting from the bottom. 
  • Potential Waterfront / summer events – kayaking (waiting for possible dates for Saxilby), paddle boarding a possibility, Lets Fish and water taxis. The possibility of a duck race was also discussed. Pop-up market, activity trails, Glamping, canal boat painting were also possible events.
  • CRT annual (remote) public meeting – Liz Hillman attended fed back – there was an emphasis on health and well-being – e.g. social prescribing of waterway walks and connecting people to history and heritage to promote well-being. Destinations Experience Manager maybe a good contact as her focus is tourism. Liz Hillman also noted that the cycle way connection will be beneficial for the community.


b. Volunteer days

Feedback from Saturday was that the ‘to do’ list worked well. 

Sheila Hughes to compile list which will give painting priority. Metal and wood paint maybe required. 

Signs will be required to keep the public away from the paint whilst wet.  It was agreed that the posts on the Bridge Street corner sign look great now they’ve been painted.

Jenny Clarke suggested that we could promote the volunteer day with an information board.  The prospect of a banner on the bridge was discussed and it was agreed that this would be a good idea. Liz Hillman to source.

Sheila Hughes and Liz Hillman have spoken to the owner of Bella Pizza who have explained that the tenant is the person who will make decisions on painting, waste bin, car park, maintenance, part use of the car park etc.  The owner was happy for the fence is to be painted and he would spray the weeds.

Liz Hillman and Jenny Clarke have a proposed meeting at the Sun Inn at 1pm on Friday.

The railing adjacent to the ramp which leads to the bridge needs painting – Cllr Brockway is ascertaining ownership.

Hi-Viz jackets with ‘Waterway Volunteer’ printed on was agreed to be a good idea for volunteers.

c. Canalside woods - ‘Winfield Woods’

Saxilby Nature project was discussed. A project in Saxilby with Ingleby Neighbourhood plan was to have a nature trail in the woods. The owners are keen to work with the Parish Council.  Need to identify ownership of all areas.  


d. Application to county council from café for pavement license

Permission granted 9am-5pm 7 days per week.  Permission for 4 tables, 16 chairs, barriers and an A board on the grass verge opposite the café. 

When the footpath goes in this permission will no longer hold.  Liz Hillman raised concerns about safety crossing the road between cars and access for people walking to the footbridge/footpath however Liz Hillman emphasised that support was also given for local businesses and the ice cream shop was a positive outcome.


e. Funding 

Donation of £1,000 to go towards bench at bus stop. The possibility of a brick base was discussed but it was agreed that this probably isn’t feasible.

Jenny Clarke has contacted 25 garden centres asking for donations of plants and seeds.  Liz Clarke to purchase some lavender plants and any other bargains.  Also if any group members see a bargain plants it was agreed that these may be purchased and receipts given to Lydia Hopton. Jenny Clake to take the lead in planter planting.


21/038 Agree next meeting date 

Tuesday 22 June 2021 at 7pm.


The meeting closed at 8.30pm.

Please be advised that these are notes of the meeting and cannot in any way be regarded as the official minutes of Council proceedings until they are approved and signed at the next meeting.