Bridge Street Working Group Meeting

Tuesday 14 September 2021 at 7pm 

St Andrews Community Centre, William Street, Saxilby.


Working Group Members Present:  

Jenny Clarke, Peter Hewes, Cllr Hillman, Sheila Hughes, and Amelia Stanham, 

Jane Kay joined the meeting at 7.15pm



Dylis Britt, Cllr Steve Harper, and Daniel Johnson


Public Question Time

No members of public present.



21/054 Declarations of Interest  

None declared. 


21/055 To approve the meeting notes of 24 August 2021

Proposed by Jenny Clarke and resolved.


21/056 Update on meeting with Heritage Lincolnshire

Cllr Hillman and the Assistant Parish Clerk met with Felix Mayle from Heritage Lincolnshire. The pipe bridge and Fossdyke Canal were discussed as possible 

heritage assets or listed buildings. They are both already in the Neighbourhood Development Plan as buildings of notable interest. Heritage Lincolnshire can give guidance about heritage grant applications and can be commissioned to update the required management plan to contribute towards the removal from the At-Risk Register with Historic England.


21/057 To request where Saxilby is on the list of priorities for a Conservation Area Appraisal review with WLDC 

It was proposed by Sheila Hughes to send an e-mail to WLDC requesting where Saxilby is their list of priorities for appraisals and resolved.


21/058 To agree further correspondence with WLDC regarding the footbridge repair and repainting

Email correspondence from WLDC was noted. It was proposed by Cllr Hillman and resolved to respond, regarding when the bridge will be repaired and the colour it will be.


21/059 Feedback from the meeting with The Sun Inn

Cllr Hillman and the Assistant Parish Clerk met with the tenant of The Sun. Boundaries on Bridge Place corner were confirmed and an outline of Bridge Place Corner and past history was given. The Waterfront Festival was also discussed.


21/060 Update on grants and fund-raising

Feedback was received regarding recent funds raised:

  • DEB Dog Photographic Event £111
  • Donation for Bridge Place Weed and Feed £60
  • Donation £25
  • Western Power for wildflowers £500
  • Lincolnshire Co-operative £112 for high viz vests

Two submissions for Lincolnshire Co-operative Community Champion Funding were made, one for the Waterfront Festival and one for continuing improvements.


21/060 Feedback from the meeting with The Conservation Volunteers regard-ing further wildflower planting and trees.

The meeting was cancelled and re-arranged.


21/061 To review the litter bin at the picnic area  

Cllr Hillman proposed to re-review the issue at the next meeting.


21/062 To confirm arrangements for the official opening of Bridge Place Corner

The official opening of Bridge Place Corner is on Tuesday 5 October at 4pm. The   director of Lovells and our Landscape Architect will be attending. All residents of Bridge Place, Working Group members, plus volunteers will be invited.


21/063 To agree volunteer days following October including an extra day to tidy Bridge Place near Bella Pizza 

The next Volunteer Day is Sat 2 Oct 2021. it was proposed by Jenny Clarke and     resolved to review volunteer days for winter 2021at the next meeting.


21/064 To agree arrangements for Saxilby Waterfront Festival 2022

It was proposed by Cllr Hillman and resolved to:

1. The Waterfront Festival be held on 5 June 2022

2. That a sub-group be formed January 2022


21/065 To receive feedback from our local sculptor 

The designs by James Sutton were shared with the group. It was proposed and re-solved that his availability need to be confirmed and the group will make a decision about the artwork meanwhile.


21/066 To agree a way forward with refurbishing the mosaic

It was proposed by Sheila Hughe and resolved to contact a local artist to determine the requirements for re-fixing the mosaic. 


21/067 To receive feedback from the architect regarding the public toilets and progress of funding 



21/068 Agree next meeting date

19 October 2021 at 19.00.