Bridge Street Working Group Meeting 

Tuesday 24 August 2021 at 7pm

St Andrews Community Centre, William Street, Saxilby.


Working Group Members Present: Dilys Britt, Jenny Clarke, Cllr Harper, Cllr Hillman, Helen Hill, Shiela Hughes, and Jane Kay.

Apologies: Amelia Stanham and Peter Hewes.

Members of the Public: -


Public Question Time

No members of public in attendance.



21/045 Declarations of Interest 

None declared.


21/046 To approve the meeting notes of 13 July 

Meeting notes of 13 July approved (with the removal of one name). Proposed by Jane Kay and resolved by all present.


21/047 To discuss and agree next steps for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022

• “Saxilby Waterfront Festival to commemorate the Queens Platinum Jubilee”.

• Road closure. Cost for a road closure and traffic management to be confirmed.

• PA system with extra speaker, contact Lincoln Audio who provided the PA system last time.

• Power supply - a generator is needed. 

• Contact Nettleham to find out cost / hire of stalls.


• Ideas for the event: 

1. Saxilby Party Workshop

2. Morris dancing

3. Rock Choir

4. Richard, guitarist

5. Model boats

6. Mike Brown - compere

7. Saxilby Nature Project stand

8. Food, craft, and arts and any other entertainment

9. Sun Inn has offered to donate profits of one barrel of beer

10. Plant sale

11. History Group

Any other ideas to be shared in the WhatsApp group.

Stalls and event: Agenda item next month and a sub-group after Christmas. 


21/048 Agree group member to put out banner and take in after each event

Dilys Britt volunteered to be responsible for the banner. Supports to be dropped off to her house. The banner will go out on the Sunday prior to the volunteer day.


21/049 Agree arrangements for Bridge Place Corner official opening

• Invites to the Landscape Architect, Lovell Homes, Anglian Water, Working Group, Parish Council Chairman, Bridge Place residents. 

• Date to be confirmed. 

• Dilys volunteered to give out invitations to Bridge Place residents.


21/050 Update on

a. Fundraising from Peter Hewes, Jane Kay, and Dilys Britt 

Quiz and Pens- more comms needed

b. Volunteer days, including plans for next volunteer day

There is a list of jobs every month.  

Everyone must remember to sign in

c. Lovells Volunteer Day

They have a group of volunteers to do various tasks in the immediate area.

d. Email to CRT East Midlands Director - Meeting arranged with CRT East Midlands Director for 8 October.

e. Email to WLDC from Parish Council to dispute the footbridge being planned to be painted in a colour not in-line with the master plan

f. Litter bin and litter - Litter is becoming a major problem. Picnic area bin is  overflowing. Council agreed to empty bins every weekday. Steve will try to map all the rubbish and poo bins. To be monitored.


21/051 Agree to contact Heritage Lincolnshire regarding the project

This was agreed and Heritage Lincolnshire have been invited to Saxilby to look at the buildings of notable interest.


21/052 Agree funding bids 

It was proposed by Dilys Britt with all in favour to apply for the Lincolnshire Co-op Community Champions funding. Suggested funding: Planters, wildflowers, Waterfront Festival.  The Co-op have also agreed to pay for 20 high-viz jackets.


21/053 Next Meeting Date 

21 September 2021 @ 7:00pm