Full Council Meeting Minutes

Wednesday 5 October 2022 at 7.00pm at St Andrews Community Centre, Saxilby. 


Members Present:

Cllrs Ashton Derry, Harper, Hewes, Hillman, Mann, Meanwell, I Willox, and J Willox 


Cllrs Cotton, Crump, and Spurr.   


In Attendance:

Lydia Hopton, Clerk

Zarina Belk, Assistant Clerk

There were nine members of the public in attendance and one further staff member.


Public Questions

A member of the public suggested the recreation ground charity becomes a charitable incorporated organisation and suggested a public meeting is held by the council and charity to take questions reagrding the recreation ground hand back.

A recreation ground charity trustee congratulated the council on their recent work with the charity and requested the council keep working together with residents and charity to progress things.  

A resident had queries regarding the hand back project list. He was advised that he would be contacted and a meeting arranged to answer his queries. 

A resident who lives near the primary school, requested the council liaise with the PCSO to enforce parking restrictions including those parking on double yellow lines. 

One member of the public left.



The chair of the council welcomed two new councillors to the council.


225/22 To receive apologies and accept valid reasons for absence, these having been submitted to the clerk prior to the meeting

Apologies were received for Cllrs Cotton, Crump, and Spurr which were accepted.


226/22 To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011

  • Cllr Hewes and Cllr Meanwell declared an other registerable interest in agenda item 7b Ref 236/22.
  • Cllr Ashton Derry declared a pecuniary interest in agenda items 6a (Ref 230/22) and 11(Ref 244/22).  


227/22 Approve the notes Full Council on 7 September 2022, and the chair to sign them as the agreed minutes

Cllr J Willox proposed to approve the 7 September 2022 Full Council minutes. This was resolved. 


228/22 To note the meeting action log

The action log was noted.


229/22 To consider and agree committee membership for new councillors

Cllr Hewes requested to sit on the finance and personnel committee and Cllr Meanwell requested to sit on the planning and MUGA working group. Cllr I Willox proposed these requests. It was resolved. 


Finance and risk 

230/22 To approve expenditure above specified limits, as per Financial Regulations 

Cllr J Willox proposed the approval of expenditure above specified limits, and it was resolved to approve the expenditure. 

Cllr Ashton Derry declared an interest and did not take part.


231/22 To note the income/expenditure for the Waterfront Festival 2022 

The figures were noted, with one final transaction to be added for a refund on the generator which was returned in September. 


232/22 To agree to use capital expenditure to purchase a COSHH cabinet and access bollards

Cllr Mann proposed to use capital expenditure to purchase access bollards as documented in background papers which was resolved.

Cllr Hewes proposed to use capital expenditure to purchase COSHH cabinet as documented in background papers. This was resolved.    


233/22 To review the insurance documentation for 2022/23 and agree insurances

Cllr Mann proposed the insurance policies. This was resolved 


234/22 To approve disposal of three electrical assets 

Cllr Harper proposed to dispose of three electrical assets (asset number ELEC0015, ELEC0025, and ELEC0026 –old CCTV unit, monitor and printer). This was resolved.


Recreation ground and community centre 

235/22 To receive a project update including reviewing the latest project list and agree actions regarding the management of the recreation ground and its facilities

Cllr Mann proposed to accept the project list.


236/22 To consider and agree the preferred location of the parish office 



237/22 To note assets affected by the recreation ground project and agree any actions required 




238/22 To agree actions for the annual remembrance service

Cllr Hillman proposed the following, based on a similar format to usual, which was resolved:

For service sheets to be printed (Cllr Harper offered to do this), for the service to be filmed and added on social media, to arrange the bugler and wreath, for the community centre to be open for refreshments following the service, to request the use of the church’s pa system, for local residents and organisations to be invited (including Scouts/Brownies, WI, U3A, sports teams), and for councillors to hand out and collect the service sheets.     


239/22 To receive an update on the Speedwatch Scheme and agree next steps

The assistant clerk provided a verbal update. Volunteers who have expressed an interest in becoming involved in the scheme have been contacted, comms for further volunteers have been advertised for on social media and in the Foss Focus. An open a public meeting is being arranged for November with the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership to progress the scheme. 

It was suggested social media posts emphasise volunteering is flexible and would be around one hour a month. It was also requested the smiley SID be located on Church Lane with Cllr Hillman to advise the specific location (next to a lamppost).


240/22 To agree to draft a position statement regarding the proposed solar developments (recommendation from planning committee)

Cllr Hillman proposed to agree to draft a position statement with advice from a planner regarding the proposed solar developments (recommendation from planning committee) and it was resolved with six in favour and two abstentions. 


241/22 To agree an updated name for the Bridge Street Working Group and note an update

A recommendation was made from Bridge Street Working Group to update their name to “Saxilby Waterfront Working Group (Regenerating Bridge Street Conservation Area).” Cllr Ashton Derry proposed then name change. This was resolved. 


Eight members of the public left.


242/22 CLOSED SESSION – Council to resolve to go into closed session in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 for the following item(s) on the grounds that publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted.

Cllr Ashton Derry proposed to go into closed session. This was resolved with one abstention and one objection.


243/22 To consider and agree an interim library service level agreement

Defer to November meeting to confirm the amount to be paid (whether pro rata or annual).


20.29pm Cllr Ashton Derry left.


244/22 To consider and agree personnel committee recommendations regarding a change in working hours request 

A personnel committee recommendation regarding a change in working hours request was proposed by Cllr Mann and resolved.


The meeting closed at 9.00pm

Please be advised that these are notes of the meeting taken by the assistant/clerk and cannot in any way be regarded as the official minutes of council proceedings until they are approved and signed at the next meeting.