Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday 17th February 2021 at 7.15pm

Under the Local Authorities (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority Meeting) (England) Regulations 2020, this meeting was held by video conference.


Members Present:

Cllrs Crump, Hillman (Committee Chairman), I Willox, and J Willox  



Cllrs Cotton, Ives and Stafford

In Attendance:

Elaine Atkin, Parish Clerk 


Public Questions 

There were none.


Planning Committee Meeting

026/21 To receive apologies and accept valid reasons for absence, these having been submitted to the Clerk prior to the meeting

Apologies had been received from Cllr Stafford, and these were accepted. 


027/21 To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011

There were none.


028/21 To approve the notes of the Planning Committee meeting dated 13th January 2021 and the Committee Chairman to sign them as the agreed minutes

These were proposed by Cllr J Willox and resolved.


029/21 To note the meeting action log 

Action 083/20 is now complete. 085/20 – now complete. 086/20 – contributions officer has been asked to re-look at this. Other actions noted.


To review and comment on the following West Lindsey District Council Planning consultations:


030/21 Reference 142147: Planning application for change of use land to site 5no. caravans and the creation of a lake. Aberfoyle, School Lane, Broadholme, Lincoln, LN1 2LZ. 

We support the comments and note the concerns already made by Broadholme

Parish Council and by numerous residents.

As a result of these comments, we would request that this application is considered by WLDC Planning Committee, and not delegated to an Officer.


031/21 Reference 142191 (reconsult): Planning application to erect detached dormer bungalow with integral garage, including private drive access/turning and associated parking. Land at 19 Sturton Road, Saxilby, Lincoln, LN1 2PG.

We acknowledge that our previous comments in relation to hedgehog highways and root protectors have been taken on board.

Our previous comments in relation to the bungalow still stand.


032/21 Reference 142239: Planning application for the construction of a wheeled skate park, St Andrews Community Centre, William Street, Saxilby, Lincoln, LN1 2PE.

We acknowledge our support for this application.

The wheeled park is identified as a community project in our made Neighbourhood Plan.

Please note that this application does not affect a public right of way.


033/21 Reference 142245: Planning application for ancillary detached building to accommodate a home office, garden store, garage and feed room. Cherry Tree Cottage, Gainsborough Road, Saxilby, Lincoln, LN1 2LX.

We are supportive of this application.

It meets Policy 2 in the Neighbourhood Plan: Design of new developments.


e. Take advantage of the local topography, landscape, trees and plants, wildlife habitats, existing buildings and site orientation.

g. Car parking should be integrated within the landscaping of the scheme to minimise its visual impact, but it should also serve its intended users and encourage natural surveillance.


034/21 Reference 142265: Planning application to erect additional unit with use classification E(g), B2 and B8. Plot 7 – Land adjacent to Unit 4, Saxilby Enterprise Park, Saxilby, Lincoln, LN1 2ZB.

We are supportive of this application.

As per Policy 7 in the Neighbourhood Plan: Saxilby Business and Enterprise Parks.

Specifically, 7.2: All new development must ensure that suitable flood resilience and resistance measures, including, where appropriate, the use of sustainable urban drainage systems are incorporated into the design of any development.


035/21 Reference 142155: Planning application to erect two storey extension – resubmission of planning application 141626. 13 Church Lane, Saxilby, Lincoln, LN1 2PE. (Application now approved – see minute reference 047.21).


To note and agree:

036/21 Any actions regarding the Methodist Church sale in response to a resident’s email

The Methodist Church is in the Neighbourhood Development Plan as a heritage asset, but not designated. It will be a shame to see this asset go from the village due to its history in the village, but unfortunately the Parish Council is not in any position to take it on. We would be happy to discuss this with the resident who enquired.


037/21 To contact ACIS over 55 Management Company to get more information of responsibilities within the development

Cllr Crump declared a personal interest as a resident of this development.

It was confirmed that there are separate management companies for Acis over 55’s, Lindum and Taylor Wimpey properties.

It was resolved to contact the Acis management company to request a meeting in the first instance.


038/21 To contact West Lindsey District Council regarding the process for applying for Tree Preservation Orders

It was resolved for the Clerk to pull off available information from WLDC website.


039/21 To receive an update of the flooding/block dykes/drainage problems we have been made aware of

An old map was shared, which clearly shows the dykes either side of fields 272 and 269, before the houses between Mill Lane and the High street were built. It is likely that some sections of the dykes have subsequently been filled in by property owners. Unfortunately, the dykes re the responsibility of the landowners and do not fall under LCC or the Parish Council’s responsibility.

It was resolved for the Clerk to forward on the map to County Councillor Jackie Brockway and ask for an update with the issue. Cllr J Willox agreed to highlight the line of the dykes on a recent satellite image.


To note the West Lindsey District Council feedback on the following applications:

040/21 Reference 141578: Planning application for conversion and extension of barn to form 1no. dwelling. Barn at 86 High Street, Saxilby, Lincoln, LN1 2HG.  Planning permission granted. Update noted.

041/21 Reference 141730: Planning application for single storey extension. 81 Mill Lane, Saxilby, Lincoln, LN1 2HN. Planning permission granted. Update noted.

042/21 Reference 141994: Planning application for construction of new stables and access road. Moor Farm, Station Road, North Harby, Newark, NG23 7EL. Planning permission granted. Update noted.

043/21 Reference 142019: Planning application for ground floor and first floor extensions to side and rear. 15 Church Lane, Saxilby, Lincoln, LN1 2PE. Planning permission granted. Update noted.

044/21 Reference 142082: Outline planning application for 3no. replacement dwellings – all matters reserved, 65, 67 & 69 Church Lane, Saxilby, Lincoln, LN1 2PE. Outline planning permission granted. Update noted.

045/21 Reference 142088: Planning application for erection of a single garage. Land to the rear of 5 Bridge Street, Saxilby, Lincoln, LN1 2PZ. Planning permission granted. Update noted.

046/21 Reference 142096: Planning application for a single storey extension and alterations to dwelling. 84 Mill Lane, Saxilby, Lincoln, LN1 2QQ. Planning permission granted. Update noted.

047/21 Reference 142155: Planning application to erect two storey extension – resubmission of planning application 141626. 13 Church Lane, Saxilby, Lincoln, LN1 2PE. Planning permission granted. Update noted.


To note LCC feedback on application:

048/21 Reference PL_0119_20: To vary condition 3 f planning permission 140346 (to retain building) at Lindum Waste recovery, Saxilby Enterprise Park, Skellingthorpe Road, Saxilby, Lincoln. Permission granted. Update noted.


The meeting closed at 8:21pm.

Please be advised that these are notes of the meeting taken by the Assistant/Clerk and cannot in any way be regarded as the official minutes of Council proceedings until they are approved and signed at the next meeting.