Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday 21 July 2021 at 7.30pm at

St Andrews Community Centre, Saxilby.

(Started at 7:35pm due to overrun of the previous meeting)


Members Present

Cllr Cotton, Harper and Hillman.



Cllr Crump, I Willox and J Willox.


In Attendance

Elaine Atkin, Parish Clerk.


There were no members of public in attendance.


Public Questions 

• A Councillor asked what could be done to prevent vehicles parking on/obstructing the pavement outside a property on Mill Lane, where building work is underway. This includes contractor and delivery vehicles.

• A Councillor also queried whether the builders working on Church Lane housing developments are permitted to start work so early.


Planning Committee Meeting

120/21 To receive apologies and accept valid reasons for absence, these having been submitted to the Clerk prior to the meeting

Apologies had been received from Cllrs Crump, I Willox and J Willox and these were accepted. 


121/21 To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011

Cllr Cotton declared an interest in agenda item 8 (minute 127/21), having met local residents and listened to their concerns.


122/21 To approve the notes of the Planning Committee meeting dated 16 June 2021 and the Committee Chairman to sign them as the agreed minutes

These were proposed by Cllr Harper and resolved. Cllr Hillman signed the minutes.


123/21 To note the meeting action log

The committee noted the log.


To review and comment on the following West Lindsey District Council Planning consultations:

124/21 Reference 143222: Planning application for new access road. Land rear of 35 Lincoln Road, Saxilby, Lincoln

We would like further clarity on the purpose of the access road and are concerned that if there is to be an increase of slow-moving traffic accessing the road from/exiting it onto the A57, this could cause safety issues due to the speed of traffic on that stretch of the A57 (despite the speed restriction in place).


125/21 Reference 143235: Planning application for proposed extensions to existing premises and remodelling of external works. QJS (UK) Ltd, Saxilby Enterprise Park, Skellingthorpe Road, Saxilby, Lincoln, LN1 2LR.

We are supportive of local businesses, as per Policy 7 of the made Neighbourhood Development Plan - Saxilby Business and Enterprise Parks.

Policy 17 of the Neighbourhood Development Plan - Traffic and Movement Around the Village:

We continue to have concerns that whilst businesses on the Saxilby Enterprise Park and neighbouring Riverside Enterprise Park are expanding, the long-promised footpath/cycle path to Saxilby has not been completed.


126/21 Reference 143312: Planning application for the erection of 2no. dwellings, detached garage and creation of private drive. 10 South Parade, Saxilby, Lincoln, LN1 2HQ.

Our comments from the original application (137972) still stand:

• The Council strongly objects to the application and requests it is considered by the District Planning Committee. 

• By the siting, design and massing there is very little amenity space around the existing and proposed properties. 

• There is a lack of detail for drainage - both surface and foul water. 

• The number of developments permitted in the parish is already beyond its allocation. 

• The application does not respect the existing pattern of development within the area. 

• It is not of appropriate scale and density for the setting. 

• This does not accord with NDP policy 2c. 

• The application does not explain how it will contribute to the maintenance of the unadopted road. 

• Permission will be required from other homeowners on the street to gain permission to dig up the road for services to be installed. 

• Visibility turning onto the High St is poor, due to being on a bend.

We are concerned at the proposed removal of mature trees/boundary hedging and feel that these should be maintained.

We would request that a decision on this application is called in, as per our previous comments.


127/21 Reference 143339: Application for the prior notification of proposed demolition. Methodist Church, High Street, Saxilby, Lincoln, LN1 2HA.

We note that WLDC has already made a decision on this application, and we support the decision.


To note the following items and agree actions where required:

128/21 To consider a letter from Saxilby Scouts regarding plans for a garage extension 

Committee resolved to support this in principle and would like to see the detailed plans when produced. Committee suggest that the Scouts should also consult with the Memorial Field trustees.


129/21 To consider guidance issued by Locality for Councils that have an existing made Neighbourhood Plan 

It was confirmed that we are already following much of the recommended guidance. The Clerk and Cllr Hillman are to review the proposed format against the one currently used, to determine whether the format needs to be tweaked.


130/21 To make a recommendation to Full Council for a replacement bus shelter for Church Road (near the Church Lane junction)

As per the supporting report:

• Cllr Cotton proposed and it was resolved to recommend a 3-bay black cantilever shelter, with perch seat and clear roof, from BC shelters. The company’s advice is to be sought regarding having clear panels with the hedge at the back.

• Cllr Cotton proposed and it was resolved to go with 50/50 split on the panels – solid bottom panels and clear panels at the top.

• Cllr Hillman proposed, and it was resolved to take advice from the supplier as regards orientation, taking into account the raised kerb, and also to consult with the resident regarding the hedge at the rear of the shelter.


131/21 A resident’s fence which is preventing painting of the Parish Council fence near the Memorial, due to its proximity

A resident’s fence is clipped on to the black railings to the rear of the large planters near the Memorial, preventing the railings being painted.

The ownership of the railings has not been established however the Council is happy to arrange volunteer painting.

It was resolved for Cllr Hillman to see if ownership of the fence/railings can be established via the original plans for the properties.


132/21 Feedback from a meeting regarding the Lincolnshire County Council Treescapes Scheme  

Cllr J Willox had applied for trees under this scheme. Following a meeting this week at the green space behind St Botolphs Gate, with the LCC Environment and Community Projects Officer, 20 trees were offered to us to replace saplings which has been removed. The trees will be the same species as currently on site. Cllr J Willox has confirmed that he can plant them.


133/21 To consider the Central Lincolnshire draft Local Plan Consultation and agree a Parish Council response (deadline 24th August)

Cllr Cotton declared an interest due to sitting on the Local Plan Committee.

It was resolved for members of planning committee to meet offline (possible remotely) to review the draft document and collate comments, and for these to be ratified at August Planning Committee and then submitted before the deadline.


The meeting closed at 9:05 pm.


Please be advised that these are notes of the meeting taken by the Assistant/Clerk and cannot in any way be regarded as the official minutes of Council proceedings until they are approved and signed at the next meeting.