Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday 28 September 2022 at 7.45pm at St Andrews Community Centre, Saxilby.


Members Present

Cllr Cotton, Hillman (committee chair), Harper, I Willox, and J Willox



Cllr Crump 


In Attendance

Lydia Hopton, Parish Clerk

Zarina Belk, Assistant Clerk 

There were no members of public in attendance.


Public Questions 



Planning Committee Meeting


129/22 To receive apologies and accept valid reasons for absence, these having been submitted to the clerk prior to the meeting

None received.


130/22 To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011

Cllr Cotton declared an other registerable interest in agenda item 7d (Ref 137/22d) 


131/22 To approve the notes of the planning committee meeting held on 24 August 2022 and the chair to sign them as the agreed minutes

Cllr Cotton proposed the minutes. It was resolved. 


132/22 To note the meeting action log 

The committee noted the action log

1. Cllr Cotton to chase Rob Gilliot at WLDC regarding Oaklands 

2. Committee requested to progress meeting with Gelders and ACIS as per action log


To review and comment on the following West Lindsey District Council Planning consultations:

133/22 Reference 144563: Planning application to alter and extend existing dwelling. 25 Torksey Avenue, Saxilby, Lincoln, LN1 2HY

There is no material difference from earlier planning application. The council continues to strongly object to the application, due to its massing, size, and impact on the street scene which is not in-line with the Saxilby with Ingleby Character Assessment or NDP policy two 1a and 1c.


134/22 Reference 145409:  Planning application to alter outbuildings to form granny annexe and construct garage/workshop being removal of condition 2 of planning permission W85/231/89 granted 29 March 1989 re: independent occupation of annexe. The Bungalow, Sturton Road, Ingleby, Lincoln, LN1 2PQ.

The council is opposed to the removal of condition two of planning permission W85/231/89 granted 29 March 1989. The condition was originally put in place for family reasons and carefully thought out for the development by the planning authority. The condition should still stand, and the annex remain subservient to the main development.


135/22 Reference 145409 Reference PL/0090/22 (Lincolnshire County Council): To construct a new framed building for the storage of soil. Lindum Waste Recovery, Saxilby Enterprise Park, Skellingthorpe Road, Saxilby, Lincoln. 

No observations.


136/22 To agree to consult with residents on Bridge Street regarding on-street parking and whether to apply for a traffic regulation order (TRO) to seek to implement parking restrictions 

Cllr Hillman proposed to consult residents on whether they would like the council to approach Lincolnshire County Council to request residents parking bays and limited parking for non-residents. This was resolved.


137/22 Correspondence:

a. To note the proposed reservoirs in the East of England and agree next steps

The proposals were noted, and it was agreed any further correspondence would be circulated to councillors for information, as opposed to through committee, due to not being in the immediate vicinity to the parish.  


b. To note county council correspondence regarding confirmation of ownership for an asset in Saxilby [footbridge and steps/ramp].



c. To note county council correspondence regarding Mill Lane junction improvements as part of the recent housing development conditions 



d. To note the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan consultation on addendum to the Sustainability Appraisal and agree any comments

Cllr Cotton declared an other registerable interest due to sitting on the Central Lincolnshire Joint Local Plan Committee.

Committee noted the correspondence.


The meeting closed at 8.40pm.


Please be advised these are notes of the meeting taken by the assistant clerk or clerk and cannot in any way be regarded as the official minutes of council proceedings until they are approved and signed at the next meeting.