February update on remedials following the fire.

The handover from the contractor took place last week, subject to a few minor snagging issues flagged up by the surveyor which are being worked on this week.

We’re currently scheduling in all the recommissioning works required to get the building systems back into an operational state. This includes health and safety checks that are required with the building being closed for a long time, in addition to the usual checks.

The library books, which were taken off-site for airing, will be assessed in the next couple of weeks and boxed up prior to their return. Work will then commence to set all the library shelving out, and re-stock it. The library IT will be refreshed (as planned prior to the fire), once Covid-19 restrictions permits the County Council engineers to visit site.  All community libraries are currently shut due to Covid-19 restrictions and we await an update from the County Council as to when they may be able to re-open (likely for click and collect only initially).

To see how the Community Centre is shaping up you can watch the latest video on YouTube .

Thank you to Cllr James Willox for shooting the video. 

Published: Tuesday, 9th February 2021