At the annual parish meeting residents raised concern regarding aspects of the Saxilby Water Recycling Centre (sewerage works) on West Bank.

This included the speed and frequency of tankers going to the site day and night and the impact on the road and bank.

Following the parish meeting, the council contacted Anglian Water and a meeting was arranged with parish councillors, county councillors and Neighbourhood Development Plan members. Since the initial meeting, Anglian Water has shared a public statement (see below) to provide a further explanation of the reasons behind the site operating in this way. A follow-up meeting is planned in September with Anglian Water.



“We’re really sorry about the tanker activity we’ve been doing recently to and from Saxilby Water Recycling Centre (WRC). We know that when it’s happening it’s disruptive for residents, especially for people who live on West Bank.

“We bring in tankers when we spot higher than normal levels of ammonia in either the wastewater coming in to the WRC or in the waste that we’ve processed into effluent ready to discharge back into the environment. When we spot high ammonia levels, we look at a number of things before deciding to bring in tankers. It’s not a decision we ever take lightly. 

“We know this isn’t something you want to happen often and that’s why we’re working hard to find the root cause of the problem and get things back to normal as soon as we can. In the meantime our tankers won’t drive faster than 10mph along West Bank and we’re also looking at ways we can let you know as soon as we make any decision on tankering so you know what’s happening.

“We’ll be coming back to see the Parish Council at the beginning of September to give an update on what we’re doing to get things back to normal and on our plans to regularly communicate with residents.”

Anglian Water

Published: Friday, 18th August 2023