Waterfront Festival

Update regarding the Waterfront Festival 2024

It is with great regret that we have to announce that there will not be a Saxilby Waterfront Festival in 2024, following a review of the 2023 festival by the Saxilby Waterfront Working Group and Parish Council.
The event has grown bigger than we could have ever imagined, with well over 3,000 people attending the 2023 festival.

Unfortunately alongside a high turn out of visitors to the festival we have also experienced a reduction in the number of people coming forward to help organise and run the festival.

Last year’s festival was organised in the main by four people, and understandably, they are unwilling to shoulder the burden again this year, for such a large event. This, along with a lack of ‘on the day’ volunteers coming forward, has meant that Saxilby Waterfront Working Group have decided to take the difficult decision to not organise a festival in 2024.

Other factors have come into this decision too, such as the rising cost of licenses, security, first aid, and road closures, meaning the budget for the festival has increased dramatically, making it ever harder for the event to turn a profit, despite greater numbers attending. 

The Canal and River Trust have also decided to introduce a charge for the use of their land from the beginning of 2024 and there are ever stricter health and safety regulations to be taken into account.
The working group and council have not taken this decision lightly, as we know how much the festival was enjoyed by residents and visitors from near and far.

The good news it that the working group are planning a number of smaller events throughout the year, which will require less organisation and time to run, this will include an official opening of the newly refurbished footbridge (once work on the steps and ramp up to it are completed by Lincolnshire County Council) and a music event.

If you would be open to helping out with these smaller events, please contact the parish office.

Published: Friday, 15th March 2024