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Saxilby Speedwatch

Following a number of complaints about speeding in various parts of the village, in autumn 2021, the council took the decision to facilitate the setting up of a volunteer led Speedwatch group in Saxilby. It was hoped this group would have been set up by early 2022, however a number of staff capacity issues mean't that the project was delayed.

However following the recruitment of the council's new Assistant Clerk, Zarina Belk, we're pleased to announce we now have capacity and are looking to move the project forward as soon as possible. The council is working with the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) to bring this project to fruition over the coming weeks, this will include a public meeting, details of which are below.

Public consultation

Following discussions with LRSP it was agreed to go to the village to find out from parishioners where they felt the biggest issues with speeding in the village are. A consultation was carried out in Autumn 2021 via council social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and areas with speeding issues identified included:

  • Mill Lane
  • Manor Road
  • Westcroft Drive
  • Bridge Street
  • Sykes Lane
  • Church Road
  • Field Avenue


Funding required for the project, which will cover setup and equipment costs has been secured and set aside.

Volunteer Recruitment

An initial call for volunteers was put out on council social media and in the Foss Focus in Autumn 2021. A number of members of the public came forward and were contacted. Following the project being picked up by Zarina these members of the public have been contacted again. Some are still willing to be involved, and more calls for volunteers have been put out on social media. 

Other than the initial meeting and training, volunteering for the project will be very flexible and the speedwatch can be carried out in an individual's own time, meaning if you would like to be involved, this can be fitted around work and home life.

If you would like to be involved in the project or would like more information please email Zarina on: admin@saxilbyparishcouncil.co.uk  or call the office on: 01522 703912.

Public meeting with the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership

An initial meeting with the LRSP will be held on Wednesday, 9 November at 7:30pm in the Function Room of the Community Centre. This is an open meeting for any members of the public thinking of volunteering for the scheme and will be attended by a representative of the LRSP and Zarina our Assistant Clerk.

If you are interested in the project, please do come along and see what its all about, there is no obligation to be involved if you decide not to be.

Refreshments will be provided