Saxilby Wheeled (Skate) Park

Wheeled park


Residents of Saxilby have wanted a skate/wheeled park for many years. The aspiration also came up through the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) consultation and is listed as a Community Project in the NDP.

The NDP is a live planning document, which is used alongside the Local Plan by the planning authority (WLDC) to determine planning applications in the area. 

Progress so Far

Design and Location

Community consultation has selected the preferred design of the park.

Further community consultation took place over summer 2019, particularly in relation to the proposed location on the Memorial Field (’The Pav'). 

The proposed site on the field is where the existing spiders net and old multi-play unit is located. This is due to the spiders net and multi-play unit being near the end of their natural life span, as indicated from an independent annual play equipment inspection. It will therefore be located next to the new play area. This also has the added benefit that parents/carers can be in one area if they have children wanting to use different facilities.

A number of sites around the village were considered by the Council for the proposed location of the new wheeled park and the Memorial Field was selected, as opposed to Westcroft green space and Mill Lane for example, for a number of reasons – there is on-site parking, the site is regularly staffed-  who can respond to any issues for example accidents or anti-social behaviour, the site has CCTV, and there are on-site facilities (e.g. toilets).   


Part funding of the wheeled/skate park has been received from a developer contribution, Lindum Homes, in summer 2019 (as a result of works being carried out on council land in relation to their housing development).

Following an application to Sport England’s Community Asset Fund in January 2020, Sport England have responded and are looking to provide funding in principle to support the project and the initial funding agreement has been signed and returned by the council. This puts the project in a great position to move forward.


Next Steps

  • Submission of further supporting information to Sport England.
  • Planning permission was submitted in early 2021, which provides a further opportunity for the community to respond to the plans. This is on West Lindsey District Councils website and is currently out for public consultation

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm to date with the project, and like the new play area, we’re excited to be taking the project forward from plans to a physical build.