Budget and Year End Accounts


Annual budget for 2021/22 

Accounts, Audit and Budgetary Control

Government legislation sets out how councils should account for the public funds they manage and the rights local taxpayers have in relation to those accounts. These Acts and Regulations are frequently updated. It is the council as a whole, as a corporate body, that is responsible in law for ensuring that its financial management is adequate and effective and that the council has a sound system of internal control which facilitates the effective exercise of their functions and manages risk. The Council has in place Financial Regulations which guide this process. 

Internal Audit is carried out during the year by a person independent of the Council and its councillors, with the Annual Return and External Audit being completed after the year end. The completed Annual Returns which are submitted as part of the External Audit process are available below.

More detailed information on the accounting and audit process and the associated proper accounting and governance practices are laid down in

The Practitioners' Guide - Governance and Accountability for Local Councils

Accounts for the Year End

Accounts for Year End 

Budgets and Cost Allocation

Budget and Cost Allocation Document