Annual Parish Meeting 2024

This year's Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Wednesday 22nd May 2024 at 7pm, at St Andrew's Community Centre.

What is an Annual Parish Meeting?

The Annual Parish Meeting is a meeting of the electorate (and not a meeting of the parish council). It's a meeting of all local government electors in the parish, where electors can participate, discuss, and vote in the meeting.

Members of the public (i.e. those who are not local government electors for the parish) are also entitled to attend, but have no right to speak or vote on any matter.

The chair of the parish council, if present, must chair the meeting. If the chair is absent, the vice-chair, if present, presides. In the absence of both the chair and vice chair of the parish council, the parish meeting elects a chair for that meeting.

Parish councillors, who are also electors for the parish, have the same rights to attend, vote and speak as any other elector. There are no additional 'rights' for parish council members, except for the chair or vice-chair.

All decisions of the parish meeting should be by a show of hands of the electors present. 

Source: SLCC (2019) Guidance Note 23: Annual Parish Meeting (England)