Pavilion Bar

The Pavilion Bar was closed following the fire at the community centre in May 2020. The big community survey took place at the start of the year to find out residents views of what council services and facilities were important or unimportant to them to help shape service provision. A majority of 60% of respondents felt the Pavilion Bar was important.

Due to the financial risk to the council (and the public purse) to re-open the bar in the current climate, the council agreed to seek to outsource the bar and explore all options from commercially run to a community led enterprise. As part of this process, a more detailed piece of community consultation took place to find out residents and service users views on the bar and whether they would like to be involved in setting up a community ran facility. The results of this and the big community survey are available on the consultation page on the website. 

Currently the council is working with the recreation ground trustees to clarify the legal basis between the trustees and the council and following this work being completed the bar outsourcing project will be re-visited.